Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Private Tutor Kolkata in the Information Society

We are living in an information society where the role of a responsible private tutor does not wait for an explanation. A good teacher can play a significant role in the transformation of an informative society to a knowledge society to reward us a healthy civil society where we can take individual decision that we think good for us without setting in under any political pressure or circumstance. We will be able to take decision on what is good for our society. It will run on fair dealing and forgiveness and ensure peace and prosperity for us. Before we get into our relevant topic, we should know what information society is. This will help us in the better understanding of our topic.
What is information society?

An information society is a society that emphasises the creation, dissemination, uses, integration and manipulation of information in its economic, political, and cultural activities. The main goal of this society is to gain competitive advantage internationally, using information technology (IT) (especially the Internet and mobile telephony) in a creative and productive way. In this society, information technology plays a significant role in transforming every aspect of cultural, political and social life, depending on the production and distribution of information.

Given bellow are the significant impacts that Information technology has on our society: 

  1.          Pervasive influence
  2.       Stratification into new classes
  3.       Loosening of the nation state's hold on the lives of individuals
A teacher’s role starts from here. He can be a significant agent to inculcate the pervasive influence of IT on any individual. Being a man maker, a tutor can influence an individuals’ daily routine with the pervasive influence of information technology that helps our society to be advance and up-to-date with the go of the day.  A private tutor can have more scope in manipulation, as his role includes one-on-one attention. He can be the most influential person in the transformation of a society. He can play an effective role to transform a society into an information society. He can take effective part to educate those who are information-poor. A private tutor can closely teach his students how to take the advantage of accessing information through various information technology media. He will help them how to use various information technology devices and motivate his students how to involve people in its networks.  

Kolkata being the warehouse of information technology, the scope of taking part in this workshop is huge. Private Tutors in Kolkata can be effective and expert agents in transforming some Indian societies into information societies where we shall definitely have information-rich people to take effective part in making knowledge society. Private Tutors in Kolkata can take initiative to take India ahead of other developing countries that have been able to enjoy the utility aspects of development communication. 
A good private tutor in Kolkata will educate information-rich people about four essential requirements mentioned below:
  • Equal access to education
  • Cultural diversity
  • Universal access to information (in the public domain)
  • Freedom of speech and expression (article 19 1 a)

He will educate people where and how to access information using various information media.  A good home tutor in Kolkata should ensure the free flow of information and equitable access to data. He should teach each future agent, I mean his students, how to make sure best practices and enjoy utility aspects of e-governance to help information society gain knowledge in the most effective ways. He should make his students aware of the international consensus on newly required norms and principles. He would narrow the digital divide that accentuates disparities in development.

With the successful implementation and fair practice of development communication, we will have a great number of aware people in our knowledge society to bring about some positive social changes required in civil society. 

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