Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Role of a Good Private Tutor

Making a nation’s foundation strong, the importance of a good teacher and a responsible doctor does not wait for an explanation. Health and education are our two basic needs and major responsible areas that we must ensure to make our nation’s pillar strong so that under any circumstances its citizen do not succumb to anything. A doctor’s role is to reward a healthy nation. Similarly, a teacher plays a significant role in making his nation strong and fit. But with the changing dynamics of education, the method of teaching has received a bit change in its approach and functionality. Now to improve students’ aptitude and develop knowledge-base, more emphasis is given on one-on-one attention model. According to many highly qualified and most experienced private tutors in Kolkata, one-on-one education assistance is the only way of achieving world-class education and following the trend of global education.
Private home tutors in Kolkata opine that a good private teacher offers extra help and instruction to develop good study skills. He comes closer to his students to find out lacunas in them and assist them accordingly until they overcome all problems and difficulties in their studies. Unlike the traditional model of class-room teaching, where a teacher has to face around thirty pupils with different rates of learning abilities, strength and weakness, this one-on-one attention not only makes students ready for tests but also ensure their sure success.  A good private tutor can make good lesson plans and strategic planning to place his students far ahead of their competitors.  Apart from this specialized teaching, he helps in preparing school-works. He throws more lights on school tasks and other parallel studies to make sure advance and world-class education for the students so that they easily get into area of global education.  
To make the matter more understandable, I mean to let you know the role of good home tutor let me answer you few questions. 
Who is a home tutor or private tutor? 

A home tutor or private tutor is a coach who offers individual guidance to his students, many times reaching at students’ places and sometimes at his own home. He counsels his students to proceed towards right direction. 

What is basic difference between a teacher and a home tutor? 

Though both of them are ‘a teacher’ and guide students but the basic difference is that we use the term ‘teacher’ for the school teacher who teaches students in a school. His duty is over when the school is closed.  We call them home tutors who go to students’ homes for teaching purposes. But the duty of a home tutor starts at home and does not over until his students take release from him. He has to take much more responsibility than a school teacher.  

The role of a good private tutor

  • Offer proper guidance to his students
  • Find out easiest ways to solve their problems
  • Ensure quality education for his students
  • Answer their queries
  • Solve any questions whenever they require for 
  • Assist them to complete their school-tasks 
  • Prepare them for various tests and examinations.
  • 24 hours care for his students.
  • Make his students good human beings 
Each of these well-taught and well-educated human beings can be an effective agent to transfer our society to an informative society that in the long run may be a knowledge society. This knowledge society can bring forth a civil society to make its foundation strong. And the country will definitely be ahead of others.      

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