Monday, 11 November 2013

English Tutor at Baguiati, Kolkata

Not very far from the madding crowd of Kolkata rather very close to Netaji International Airport, Bguiati is emerging as one of the most important places in Kolkata. For the rapid growth in urbanization and industrialization, many national and international organizations have chosen it as the best place for investment. With the longest flyover, broadest highway, largest commercial centers, and best educational hub, Baguiati has surely a chance to George on the goodies. Baguiati is getting increasing attention and bird’s eye view from almost all types of international investors. Many businesses have already rooted in its soil and many new are trying to sprout their roots in its good soil. Many industrialists, corporate giants, MNCs, other business groups and group of companies are choosing it as their ideal place for business operation and peaceful living. For many reasons like better business opportunities, safe investment environment, new job openings, and better education opportunities, at least 5 million new people have come to the place in the last five years. 
Many business groups and educationists have set up many new businesses, business schools, engineering intuitions, and general colleges here. As the statics have come, the place has gained more than 5 colleges, 10 business schools and 5 general colleges to meet the education demand of its huge mass. Some new institutions are still under construction to meet the increasing demand of international standard education. Therefore, Baguati has been a place for advance education and an ideal hub for rich English culture. The arrival of new international companies and introduction of new and foreign people have added another dimension to it.  Merging with the migrated people, the aborigines have started an English dominated new cosmopolitan culture here. Now Baguati has been a place for the manifestation of ideal cosmopolitan Kolkata. 

If we hark back at the private and public schools at Baguiati, Kolkata, we shall definitely find out more than 20 schools here. The number of them has increased more than ever before. Most of these private and public schools at Baguiati (Kolkata) hunt for talented English teachers who can definitely meet the modern demand and international requirement. Therefore, the place has a great demand for most talented and highly qualified English tutor. Discerning the demand of good English tutor at Baguiati, Kolkata, many young and high profile English tutors have started coming here.  Side by side, to make their children perfect and keep their performance up in the school examinations, the citizens of Baguiati look for a strong and qualified English home tutor or private tutor in Kolkata. Being highly educated and updated, most of the citizens at Baguiati (Kolkata) are well aware of the importance of one on one attention in teaching, specifically in this age of buffer competition.   Therefore they look for a dependable and reliable English tutor at Baguiati, Kolkata for their sons and daughters.  

But choosing a good and dependable English tutor in Kolkata is not a cakewalk. You need brainstorming on it for a long. If your choice is right, you are sure to offer your son or daughter a bright career.  A wrong choice can mar his or her career. A good English tutor always plays a significant role in making a student’s future bright and excellent. He gets endless opportunities to look at your son or daughter and take care of him or her. He can solve each problem and eradicate all learning difficulties. A good home tutor can teach his student to feel free and unveil every lacuna in him (student) to repair it instantly. He can deep delve into his student and discover him or her in various ways to teach according to knack or area of internist until s/he becomes a master in this area. 

 Therefore, the citizens at Baguiati choose their English tutors thoughtfully, carefully and sincerely. 

Monday, 28 October 2013

ISC 2015 Class XI and XII Elective English Syllabus

1. To provide candidates with a wider course in Literature in English than offered in the compulsory English paper


There will be one paper of three hours duration of 100 marks with questions set from the prescribed textbooks. Candidates will be required to answer five questions on a minimum of three of the prescribed textbooks.


There will be one paper of three hours duration of 100 marks with questions set from the prescribed textbooks. Candidates will be required to answer five questions on a minimum of three of the prescribed textbooks.

1. The questions in the paper will be broadly based on the following categories:
(i) Prose
(ii) Drama
(iii) Poetry

The question may be character-based, incident based, general broad based, theme based or require critical evaluation.

2. Students will need to study and have knowledge of the following:

(a) Prose and Drama

(i) Life of the playwright and novelist and important events therein
(ii) Evaluation of characters and the roles played by them in the text
(iii) Description of each incident in the play or novel and its significance
(iv) Important themes and motifs of the text.
(v) Relationships between characters and incidents

2. To expose candidates to a deeper knowledge and appreciation of literary works in English
(vi) Patterns and nuances of the text
(vii) Fantasy and the supernatural
(viii) Stylistic and narrative devices
(ix) Students’ personal response to and assessment of the novel/play.
(x) Humour, pathos, tragedy, sarcasm and so on in the texts
(xi) The novel/play in the context of contemporary society

(b) Poetry

(i) Different types of poems with their characteristics and features:

  • Lyric
  • Sonnet – both Petrarchian (Italian) and Shakespearean
  • Ballad
  • Elegy
  • Blank verse
  • Free verse
  • Narrative poetry
  • Pastoral poetry
  • Dramatic monologue
  • Romantic poetry
(ii) All figures of speech and literary devices in detail (how to recognize them):

  • Simile
  • Metaphor
  • Personification
  • Apostrophe
  • Alliteration
  • Assonance
  • Repetition
  • Irony
  • Imagery
  • Enjambment
  • Pun
  • Contrast
  • Climax and anti-climax or bathos
  • Onomatopoeia
  • Hyperbole
  • Oxymoron
  • Litotes
  • Symbolism
(iii) A thorough knowledge of the poets’ lives and styles of writing
(iv) Important themes of the poems
(v) Patterns and nuances of the poems
(vi) Fantasy and the supernatural if present in any poem
(vii) Symbolism and Imagery
(viii) How to write a proper Critical Evaluation / Appreciation, which must contain the following components:

  • Life of the poet and how it has impacted his/her style of writing
  • Autobiographical element in the poem
  • Type of poem
  • Setting
  • Theme
  • Mood and atmosphere
  • Different levels of meaning in the poem, if any
  • Rhyme scheme and its significance
  • Symbolism
  • Imagery
  • Literary devices
The student’s own personal response to the poem

Note: Credit is given for textual detail and for the candidate’s own response.

If candidates answer two questions on any one book, they should not base them both on the same material.

Candidates are advised to exercise their options with great care, keeping in view their knowledge and understanding of the question(s) chosen. Candidates are also expected to be precise. They must avoid unnecessary details.

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Sunday, 27 October 2013

ISC English Syllabus 2015 (Class XI and XII)

Objectives (English Language)  
  • Developing the ability to
  • Derive, infer and critically assess information through listening.
  • Express oneself by speaking individually, or in a discussion.
  •  Read with comprehension drawing information directly or by inference from the text, through an understanding of grammar and structure, vocabulary and idiom.
  •  Employ a variety of skills in writing: within a framework, using argument or imagination or note making and summarizing.
  •  Use the language (English) for the purpose of study and social and cultural interaction.
  • Speak and write clearly and to the purpose, using appropriate grammar, vocabulary and idiom.
Objectives (Prescribed Texts)

     1. To enjoy and appreciate literature through a critical study of selected literary works
     2.  through the study of literature
  •  Approach an understanding of humanity
  •  Develop an interest in the thought and culture of the peoples of the world
  • Develop the power of expression and a sense of aesthetic values

There will be two papers as follows:

Paper 1: English Language (3 hours) – 100 marks
Paper 2: Prescribed Textbooks (3 hours) – 100 marks 

Paper 1: English Language (3 hours)

Question One: A composition on one of a number of subjects... 30 Marks

Question Two: Directed writing (an article, a book/film review, speech and report writing or personal profile) based on suggested points ...20 Marks

Question Three: Short-answer questions to test grammar, structure and usage. ...20 Marks

Question Four: Comprehension. ...30 Marks

It is recommended that in Paper 1 about 50 minutes should be spent on Question one, 40 minutes on Question two, 30 minutes on Question three and one hour on Question four.

Question One

Candidates need to select one composition topic from a choice of six. The choice will normally include narrative, descriptive, reflective and discussion topics.
The required length of the composition is 450 – 500 words.

The main criteria by which the compositions will be marked are as follows:

        a)      The quality of the language employed
        b)       The range and appropriateness of vocabulary and sentence structure, syntax, the correctness of grammatical constructions, punctuation and spelling.
        c)       The coherence of the content
        d)      How candidates have been successful in organising the content of the composition as a whole and in individual paragraphs.

Question Two

The piece of directed writing will be based on the information and ideas provided. The required length will be about 300 words. The range of subjects will include article writing, book and film review, speech and report writing and personal profile. Skills such as selecting, amplifying, describing, presenting reasoned arguments, re-arranging and re-stating may be involved. The candidates’ ability in the above skills will be taken into account as well as their ability to handle language appropriately in the context of the given situation.

It is emphasized that only one question will be set in the examination paper and that this will be compulsory.

Question Three

All the items in this question are compulsory, and their number may vary from year to year. They will consist of short-answer, open completion items or any other type, which will test the candidates’ knowledge of the essentials of functional English grammar and structure. Only two or three types will be included in any one examination.

Question Four

A passage of about 500 words will be given to answer the questions based on the passage. They will be as follows:

  • Questions that test the candidates’ knowledge of vocabulary and their ability to understand the content, infer information and word-meanings from the text.
  • A question that elicits the main ideas of whole or part of the passage
 This question consists of two parts:

 (i) In the first part, the candidate will be required to list the main points as directed, in point form. In this part, marks will be awarded for content.
(ii) In the second part of the question, the candidate will be required to frame these points in a summary, in a coherent manner. In this part, marks will be awarded for expression and the candidate’s ability to express the points clearly in complete sentences. Marks will be deducted for linguistic errors.

Use of abbreviations will not be accepted.

All questions are compulsory.

Paper 2: Prescribed Texts (3 hours)
Candidates will be required to answer five questions as follows:
One textual question (compulsory) on the Shakespeare play/alternative prescribed play together with four other questions on at least three texts, which may include the Shakespeare play/alternative play.
Question 1 compulsory...20 Marks, four other questions, each carrying 20 Marks
(Note: Candidates are reminded that infringement of the rubric will certainly invite penalty during the marking of answer scripts.)

The textual question, which will be set on the Shakespeare play/alternative play, will contain three short passages and candidates will be required to answer questions set on two of the passages. These Questions may require candidates to explain words and phrases, to rewrite passages in modern English, or to relate an extract to the work as a whole.

The rest of the questions on the Shakespeare play/alternative play and on the other prescribed texts will require essay-type answers and will be set on the episodes, the plot or plots, themes or ideas, characters, relationship and other prominent literary qualities of the texts prescribed.

For list of Prescribed Textbooks, see Appendix I.


In addition to the syllabus prescribed above for Classes XI & XII, candidates at Class XI ONLY are also required to be internally assessed in listening and speaking skills as given below:
Listening and Speaking skills are to be assessed internally, by the School, during English course work in Class XI and shown in the students’ report and school record.

Types of Assessment

a) Listening Skills

A passage of about 350 words is read aloud, twice, the first time at normal reading speed (about 110 words a minute) and the next time at a slower speed. Students may make brief notes during the readings. They then answer objective type questions based on the passage on the paper provided

b) Speaking Skills

Students are to be assessed through an individual presentation of about three minutes followed by a discussion with the subject teacher, for another two or three minutes.

Some of the themes to be addressed in the assessment are – narrating an experience, giving directions or instructions on how to make or operate something, providing a description, giving a report or expressing an opinion

Candidates are to be graded as follows, jointly for Listening and Speaking Skills:

Grade                                                           Remark         
            A                                                                     Very
B                                                                      Good
C                                                                      Satisfactory
D                                                                      Need Improvement
E                                                                      Poor

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Saturday, 12 October 2013

English Tuition Baguiati Kolkata

As the consequence of rapid real estate growth and huge population explosion in Kolkata, Baguiati is emerging as one of the most developing areas in Kolkata. Having tallest skyscrapers, longest flyover and broadest highway, the place is called VIP in Kolkata. Baguiati is very close to Kolkata’s international airport named Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport. It is situated between Kolkata’s two most acclaimed IT hubs Salt Lake and Newtown, Rajarhat and well-communicated with most important parts of Kolkata with important broadways.

Having broadways and free flowing traffic on them, almost all VIPs and VVIPs like include Baguihati en-route their journey to Kolkata. They like to use it to get into and get around Kolkata. The locality has more than 10 government and private educational institutions and equal number technical colleges. This VIP zone surely has a chance to be number one in Kolkata. 

Some VIPs, VVIPs and many citizens from various parts of Kolkata and abroad have settled in this area. This huge mass looks for excellent education to ensure international standard for their children. To meet their demands many B-Schools, management intuitions, technical institutes and global schools have rooted in its good soil. At the next step, they had no way out except brainstorming on the matter of guiding their children. Since then to date, they are in search of highly qualified and most experienced home tutors, specifically who have years of experience in this domain. Some of them look for vast learned English tutor at Baguiati, Kolkata. They seek vast learned English teacher and most dependable English tuition at Bguiati to guide their sons and daughters especially at the post era of globalization and liberalization where English has been a bridge to the world and prime medium for development communication. It is now the carrier of cosmopolitan culture and education. (As the consequence of globalization, liberalization and privatization, English has been a medium of almost all types of communications). Consequently, many highly qualified and most advance English tutors have arrived at the place from different parts of India to offer these citizens state-of-the-art education.  Most of these respected English teachers offer advance level English tuition at Baguiati, Kolkata with the aid of latest technological devices.  

However, with the increasing demand for getting vast learned, highly qualified and most advance English tutors at Baguiati, Kolkata, the number of English teachers has increased amazingly. Consequently, the advance citizens, VIPs and VVIPs at Baguiati have numerous options to choose most appropriate teachers for them. Though almost all of them promise you providing cutting-edge English tutoring service at Baguiati, but mind it all of them are not as good as they boast and advertise.  Therefore, you must be careful at the time of choosing English tutors Baguiati, Kolkata.

If you are at Baguiati, you must judge and justify some important things. However, it seems to you quite ungentle and unethical to ask a teacher about him, his educational qualification and percentage of marks, but you should to do it for good of your children. A wrong choice can give you a bad experience and poor performance in your children’s academic career. A bad coach can spoil your child’s life. Some of them may seem to you cheap, but do not choose them weighing in cheapness and frequency. Do not go for a cheap one, unless he is a good English tutor Baguiati.

Do not consider them in the light of frequency. There are some English tutors Bguihati who offer you more days in a week. Do not choose one depending on frequency. Until you know he is a good teacher, do not ask him for tutoring.   Get feedbacks from others on his teaching method and success in teaching.

Once you know all details about an English tutor Baguiati, ask him for teaching your children. Your children will definitely do well in all tests and exams.

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Saturday, 5 October 2013

How to Find Good English Tutor in Your Locality

Finding a good and perfect English tutor in your locality is not a cakewalk. There are a number of risks involved.  A wrong choice may prove detrimental for a student. Therefore, you must know the tips to make your choice wise, exact and perfect. 

There are many ways of finding a good English tutor in your locality: Recommendation, asking people, looking for poster, banner, handbill, etc. They are age-old, obsolete and time consuming. In spite of that, there is a risk of wrong choice as some people may recommend you an English teacher closely attached to him, may be his friend or relatives. Sometimes, people recommend you a teacher to get commission from him. At times, guardians exaggerate a teacher to get some advantages and monetary benefits from him. 

This is why, in today’s age of information, the best way of choosing it is searching online. It is very easy and least time consuming. You can easily choose your best tutor without leaving the cozy comfort zone of your drawing room. Just get a PC and internet connection, you are only few clicks away from your best English teacher in your locality. Now start searching on the internet, you will definitely have the best. Read the points mention below and follow the steps to ensure the best English teacher for you. 

Now have a glance at the points mentioned below to know how to do it. 

1. To make the matter understandable, let me take some examples. Suppose you live in Kolkata. You want to find English tuition in your locality. Your search may be specific and apt so that you can get a good number of tutors teaching in your locality. Just presume you live in Baguiati or Kestopur. What should be your specific search term?   Your search term would be English tutor at Baguiati in Kolkata or English tuition at Baguiati in Kolkata. If you are from Kestopur, you will write English tutor at Kestopur in Kolkata or English tuition at Kestopur in Kolkata. Here one thing you must know: how search engines work. Mind it; search engine giant Google does not take pronouns, articles and conjunctions into its consideration.  It strips away largely irrelevant words. Therefore, you would get the similar result, if you write “English Tutor Baguiati Kolkata” and “English Tuition Baguiati Kolkata” instead of “English tutor at Baguiati in Kolkata” and “English tuition at Baguihati in Kolkata” respectively. It will save your time.  Similarly, if you are at Kestopur in Kolkata, you can write, “English Tutor Kestopur Kolkata” and “English Tuition Kestopur Kolkata”
For Airport just write, “English Tutor Airport Kolkata” or “English Tuition Airport Kolkata”.
 For Dum Dum, “English Tutor Dum Dum Kolkata” or “English Tuition Dum Dum Kolkata”
For lake town, “English Tutor Lake Town Kolkata” or “English Tuition Lake Town Kolkata”
For Haldiram, “, “English Tutor Haldiram Kolkata” or “English Tuition Haldiram Kolkata”
For Teghoria, “, “English Tutor Teghoria Kolkata” or “English Tuition Teghoria Kolkata”
For Salt Lake, “English Tutor Salt Lake Kolkata” or “English Tuition Salt Lake Kolkata”

2. You can use plus sign among the words, just like “English tutor+ Baguiati+ Kolkata”, to make your search more specific. 

3. Mind it; if you write the best English tutor Kestopur Kolkata, you will get the site that matches the term “the best English tutor Kestopur Kolkata” or near to like “the best English private tutor Kestopur Kolkata”, best English home tutor Kestopur Kolkata and many like these. Therefore, you get a teacher who uses these key phrases in his web content. There may be a chance of wrong choice, unless you make a market enquiry. You may not get the best. You may get on who uses same or similar keywords or key-phrases. 

4. Therefore, before you final selection, you must inquire about him. You must talk to the students who have taken English coaching from him. You can talk to them who is taking coaching now. 
5. Visit to his website, if he has any.

6. Know his specialty. Know if he specializes in teaching your board.

7. Know how many students he teachers in a batch.

8. Does he take care for the weak and backbenchers?

9. Once you are aware of all the above-mentioned points, you can select your teacher.
You can take them as the thumb rules of finding the best. Apply them sincerely. Get a bright future, choosing the best teacher for you.
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Thursday, 26 September 2013

English Tutor in Kolkata

Kolkata has a rich English culture since the time of Bankim Chandra, Ramohan Roy, Iswar Chandra Vidyasagr, and Rabindranath Tagore. Since then people started to write fiction, poetry, drama and other literary works in English. As the consequence, we have many literary masters in English like Taru Dutta, Aru Dutta, William Makepeace Thackeray and many more. Rabindranath Tagore aided by W.B.Yeats translated his magnum opus, Gitanjali, into English. This noble work rewarded him noble prize from Swiss academy.

Therefore, in this land of rich English culture, people look for an updated and advance English tutor who must be worthy of this rich culture. Citizens in Kolkata expect an ideal English teacher must have a number of good qualities.
He must help his students think beyond this land to reach under the arena of rich global English culture.  

If you have an aspiration of becoming an ideal English tutor in Kolkata, you must ensure some qualities in you. You may not have all these qualities inbuilt. But a regular practice, contribution, devotion and love for tutoring can help you nurture these qualities. You will have them as natural growth of your profession.

Now have your quick glance at the points mentioned below to know the required qualities of becoming an ideal English tutor in Kolkata.  

Very Good in Language  

A good English tutor in Kolkata must be very good in language. He will get in touch with the latest addition and deduction in language. He must enrich himself with the advance study to guide his students follow the right track to reach the global destination.  He must have specific teaching behaviour.

Temperament and tolerance

Temperament and tolerance are two significant qualities required for being a good private English teacher in Kolkata. If you have a plan for being a good English teacher in Kolkata, you must nurture these qualities. You must be a man of good temperament. You must have tolerance to accept all things and situations calmly and quietly. You must have endurance to instil this quality into your students.

Patience, leading and guiding qualities

For a good English teacher in Kolkata, patience is must. He must not lose his patience to teach, guide and lead his students righteously. He must have student handling quality and capability. He should understand the students of diverse temperaments to maintain an appreciable relationship between him and the students. He should bear a positive attitude so that his students feel a zest from their leader or instructor.

Fulfil students’ needs

An ideal English teacher must keep a close look at his students to know their requirements, expectations and ambitions. He should chalk out their needs, whether they need improvement in grammar or vocabulary or language. He will help them solve the hardest things as soon as they face them.  


An ideal English teacher in Kolkata must be flexible, as it requires dynamic exercise and adaption of constant changes in language. He must set himself according to newer changes. He must invent some newer techniques and styles to make them presentable and understandable for his students.

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