Thursday, 26 September 2013

English Tutor in Kolkata

Kolkata has a rich English culture since the time of Bankim Chandra, Ramohan Roy, Iswar Chandra Vidyasagr, and Rabindranath Tagore. Since then people started to write fiction, poetry, drama and other literary works in English. As the consequence, we have many literary masters in English like Taru Dutta, Aru Dutta, William Makepeace Thackeray and many more. Rabindranath Tagore aided by W.B.Yeats translated his magnum opus, Gitanjali, into English. This noble work rewarded him noble prize from Swiss academy.

Therefore, in this land of rich English culture, people look for an updated and advance English tutor who must be worthy of this rich culture. Citizens in Kolkata expect an ideal English teacher must have a number of good qualities.
He must help his students think beyond this land to reach under the arena of rich global English culture.  

If you have an aspiration of becoming an ideal English tutor in Kolkata, you must ensure some qualities in you. You may not have all these qualities inbuilt. But a regular practice, contribution, devotion and love for tutoring can help you nurture these qualities. You will have them as natural growth of your profession.

Now have your quick glance at the points mentioned below to know the required qualities of becoming an ideal English tutor in Kolkata.  

Very Good in Language  

A good English tutor in Kolkata must be very good in language. He will get in touch with the latest addition and deduction in language. He must enrich himself with the advance study to guide his students follow the right track to reach the global destination.  He must have specific teaching behaviour.

Temperament and tolerance

Temperament and tolerance are two significant qualities required for being a good private English teacher in Kolkata. If you have a plan for being a good English teacher in Kolkata, you must nurture these qualities. You must be a man of good temperament. You must have tolerance to accept all things and situations calmly and quietly. You must have endurance to instil this quality into your students.

Patience, leading and guiding qualities

For a good English teacher in Kolkata, patience is must. He must not lose his patience to teach, guide and lead his students righteously. He must have student handling quality and capability. He should understand the students of diverse temperaments to maintain an appreciable relationship between him and the students. He should bear a positive attitude so that his students feel a zest from their leader or instructor.

Fulfil students’ needs

An ideal English teacher must keep a close look at his students to know their requirements, expectations and ambitions. He should chalk out their needs, whether they need improvement in grammar or vocabulary or language. He will help them solve the hardest things as soon as they face them.  


An ideal English teacher in Kolkata must be flexible, as it requires dynamic exercise and adaption of constant changes in language. He must set himself according to newer changes. He must invent some newer techniques and styles to make them presentable and understandable for his students.

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Friday, 13 September 2013

Teaching in the Knowledge Society

With the dominance of information technology and e-governance, our information society is transforming to a knowledge society that shares, processes, generates, and supplies adequate knowledge (comes after receiving sufficient information) to all members for better and positive human condition. It is different from the information society. Information society serves information to transform society with effective action for positive social changes. On the other hand, knowledge society creates and disseminates information and raw data that emerges from the innovation of information technologies. Here education plays a significant role for creation, justification and dissemination of information and knowledge. Therefore, to execute all these things carefully and proficiently, state-of-the-art education is must. In this article, we will discuss on the required changes of teaching and learning in the upcoming knowledge society. 

To ensure up-to-the-mark education, we should undertake 'knowledge society' as a 'learning society' where information and knowledge must be created and processed in such a way so that education and learning can be maximised. Here creation and innovation must be stimulated and encouraged. Not only that innovation and creation is enough to attain sustainable growth and development, but also we need capacity to mange positive changes responsible for the development of the society. Teaching in a knowledge society involves cognitive learning that includes creativity and development communication in learning and education process.  It deserves the ability and skill of working in teams and networks. It requires professional learning for solving problems and developing strategies for risk management. Most interestingly, this learning needs updated and upgraded education to cope with the changes in the ociety. This society must be prepared to change itself with the changing dynamics of technology, information, knowledge and education. 

In this society, more emphasis is to be given on teaching values for 'cultivating a cosmopolitan identity', especially in the post era of successful implementation of globalization and liberalization. It highly supports diversity and recommends adoption from other cultures. It will acquire all education and learning to uplift agents (here students) to an international standard. In this society, all teachers must be responsible for developing not only intellectual capital but also social capital to set students well in this changed society. Here the role of a private tutor or home tutor is more than all other teachers, as in home tutoring a student gets more chance to stay connected with his teacher. Home tutoring involves one-on-one education model that gives teacher and student more chance to know one another very closely. As a private tutor gets opportunity to discover his students very well, he can instil the process and develop the required qualities and knowledge in his students so that they can cope with the social changes. Consequently, the students can set them very well in the changed society. 

Home tutor in Kolkata can manage all these issues skilfully. Having all necessary things at their arms’ length, they can get to know about the upcoming changes. Consequently, private tutors in Kolkata shape the nature of teaching and instil it into their students. It will help students in Kolkata to be well set into the knowledge society.  

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