Sunday, 8 March 2015

English Tuitions in Kolkata: Its Present and Past

English tuition no longer means a number of students sitting around an English teacher and listening to him. Gone are those days when students would follow a lecture delivered by their private English tutor. They used to take dictation and copy writings written on the blackboard with the hope of learning good English. English tuition in Kolkata is not an exception.

Former Methods used English tutors in Kolkata

Most of the experienced English tutors in Kolkata would use a blackboard in order to teach at least forty to fifty students at a sitting. They used blackboards for fulfilling the purpose of group communication. Blackboards were the only means of communication. This is why there were a lot of problems regarding exchange of ideas and opinions. Students received no chance of sharing their feelings and verifying their problematic areas. As the consequence of it, they have lacunae in learning English. They used to suffer from the lack of confidence, especially in writing English and using it in their working life. They used to avoid it. In a situation of using English, they would try to run out of the event. 

This trend has received a significant change, keeping pace with the demand of the day. The credit of this change may go to globalization and e-governance.

Impact of globalization in English tuition

Globalization has increased the necessity of learning and using English. After the introduction of globalization, a cosmopolitan culture and world class education have shrouded our surroundings.  Consequently, a demand of world-class education and international culture is being found across the globe to set us well with this changing atmosphere. Now most of the big international schools, educational institutions and private and public schools are looking for international standard of English to arrange information according to their needs and make their students ideal competitors for doing well in global competitions.  In order to meet the requirement, we must learn world-class English that lays more stress on appropriate prepositions, parallel construction, proper subject verb agreement and many like these.  Meeting them exactly is not possible, unless a student undergoes one-on-one teaching model.

E-Governance has helped us follow the international standard of English

E-Governance has made the process easier for us. With the aid of modern electronic gadgets, we can take the best advantage of e-learning and m-learning. Now a student can learn international standard of English, even from an Englishman through a skype communication. Alongside, there are many dedicated education portals offering cutting-edge chat rooms for direct discussion with the specialized English teachers. In every case, they are ensuring one-on-one care using various communication platforms. Now students can take the advantage of online chatting, video conferencing and screen sharing. If situations need, teaching institutions access the computers of their students remotely just installing software in the PCs of their students. 

Keeping pace with the go of the day and making their students efficient players in global competitions, now many advance English tutors in Kolkata are following these modern methods. English Tutors in Kolkata is one of the most significant players among them.  

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