Monday, 3 June 2013

Necessity of Private Tutor in Kolkata

Before we get into the relevant topic “Necessity of Private Tutor in Kolkata”, we want to represent a recent survey report conducted by the Economic and Social Research Council at the Institute of Education, University of London. I think the survey report will help us to prove our relevant discussion apt and justified.
The council conducted a survey on: “Can private tutors improve exam results?” The survey was conducted on over 300 students and for every case the result was affirmative. From the outcome of each student, the council has unhesitatingly accepted the necessity of private home tutor.  According to the council home tutor can definitely improve exam results. Kolkata is not an exception of it.  

Kolkata, one of the major Indian cities, has a population explosion. This huge number of people is very sincere and advance. Since the time of Raja Rammohan Roy till date, the citizens of Kolkata have an ambition and aspiration to get a job in foreign countries. Some of them have been successful in their mission and vision. Many of them want to fulfill their unfulfilled desire through their children. So in this city of population explosion a huge number of guardians look for a proper world-class education that can help their children go out and get jobs in foreign countries. They don’t want to compromise with this dream desire at any cost. For better education, they send their children to the public and private schools instead of sending them to the state schools where they do not need to pay for their education and tuition. Though for some reputed public schools in Kolkata, they are to pay huge amount of money as donation and tuition fees, they never retreat from their determination and resolution. They never look back from their resolution of making their children dignified figures and vast learned persons in the world. 

I must say they are right in their resolution and decision of sending their children to the public schools in Kolkata. But one more thing I would like to add here based on the survey and research report conducted by the Economic and Social Research Council at the Institute of Education, University of London. I would like to remind the responsible citizens, parents and guardians of Kolkata about the necessity of private tutor in Kolkata. Many of these private tutors in Kolkata, who come at students’ places to teach them, are called home tutors in Kolkata or private home tutors in Kolkata. Many of these tutors, who offer private tuitions in Kolkata, are highly qualified and most experienced teachers. Most of them are responsible and regular. They teach students with absolute attention and proper care that help students enter under the arena of global education culture.   

Though there are no unending facts that public schools in Kolkata hire highly educated teachers to keep their reputation up and the teachers, too, are equally careful and responsible to their duties, but the things there lack are one-on-one attention and implementation of new education methods. Like traditional state schools, they believe in age-old classroom teaching method that is outdated now.  Alongside, there is no scope for one-to-one care. They must think for the alternatives like projections of various curriculum related things, exhibition of various natural and innovative things. Students should be shown various documentaries. Side by side, public schools in Kolkata must include various applied sections in their syllabi to make their teaching methods sound, purposeful and up-to-the-mark.  
On the other hand, having full scope for practicing one-on-one attention method and experimenting with advance education, private home tutors in Kolkata can teach the students properly that help them improve their exam results.  

Now take a look at how home tutors in Kolkata can help students.
  • Supply the right material at the right time.
  • Motivate students to learn.
  • Give them right study materials on time.
  • Help students to express them. It is a complex problem in the world.
  • Help introverts (who don't feel comfortable asking questions in class) to be ease in asking question.  
  • Help students choose a direction in their lives.
  • Bring confidence in students.
These are the main reasons for the necessity of private tutor in Kolkata.

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